Brand development of popular sweets from around the world, by capitalizing on a relationship of trust with manufacturers.
Ever since our establishment as a food wholesaler in 1948, we have dedicated ourselves to making delivery of reliable, quality products our number one priority. In the process, the relationship of trust we have built up with each overseas manufacturer remains the same, even in these days of fear over food safety.
In the rapidly changing market of confectionery import, we have earned a reputation as an importer capable of branding. So, what is needed to make confectionery which is famous and popular overseas but less well-known in Japan, more familiar to Japanese consumers? By pooling the knowledge of manufacturers, our staff and all other such leaders in the field, the project of focusing on the Japanese market is moving forward.

We will develop new brands and start fresh trends. Our corporate philosophy, unchanged since our establishment, takes as its motto to bring safe and enjoyable products to the people of Japan, and we intend to keep making progress based on close cooperation with confectionery manufacturers. Expect great things of us!